In Pictures: Sunset In Taganga

In my last post I wrote about Taganga, described in my trusty Footprint guide book as:

“… the popular fishing village and beach … set in a little bay with good views. It is peaceful, laid-back and Taganga’s small community is very welcoming, which lures most visitors to stay far longer than planned.” (South American Handbook 2009)

The town certainly lured me to stay longer than I intended. After finishing my Open Water Diving course I soaked up the sunshine here for another week and a half while I carefully planned my passage to Venezuela.

Although the beach itself isn’t the greatest on this part of the coast, I became comfortable each evening in the familiarity of a stroll to the front with friends and a couple of cold Aguila beers on the sand as the sun went down. Enjoy the featured photo set below of a few beautiful sunsets we witnessed in this incredible part of the world.

Nos vemos,


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