The Best Things On Two Wheels: Trinidad, Bolivia.

Trust me, in Trinidad nobody would bat an eyelid...

I just can't seem to stop writing about this country, can I? Browsing through some notes the other day I found a list that Emily had made while we were in the jungle town of Trinidad that I simply had to share.

As I mentioned in the post linked above, the town is almost entirely serviced by motorbikes, with barely any other form of motorised transport. This has obviously left the locals to become quite imaginative when it comes to transporting large items long distances. For your amusement, here is the list of the things we saw straddled on motorbikes in Trinidad:

  1. A twenty-foot metal girding pole, parallel to the bike and dragging along the unpaved road behind.
  2. A desktop computer tower, circa. 1995.
  3. A bicycle. Yes, a bicycle on a motorcycle.
  4. Three babies, accompanied by one adult. All of the babies were standing up.
  5. Roughly 800 eggs stacked in an impressive cardboard tower.
  6. Unidentifiable metal framework, 6ft in height.
  7. Polycarbonate drainpipe, 3 metres in length.
  8. A deck chair.
  9. Baby in a handheld baby carrier, dangling somewhere near the exhaust. (Safety conscious)
  10. A considerable length of hosepipe.
  11. One 45kg gas cylinder.
  12. A fridge.

As a bonus, we also compiled the Unwritten Rules of Trinidad Roads which seem to fit into most Bolivian towns:

  1. Headlights optional at all times.
  2. Right of way determined by loudest horn or most daring rider.
  3. Red light = Drive a bit faster, you've got 5 seconds left and you'll make it!
  4. Displaying number plates is not required and often frowned upon.
  5. Maximum number of people permitted on a motorbike: as many as will fit.
  6. No wing mirrors? Head checks will suffice.
  7. For the safety of the sober people, you may only ride while drunk.
  8. Minimum riding age: 12+ (seriously)
  9. Legal documentation required to ride a motorcycle: a motorcycle.
  10. Gasoline may only be purchased in second-hand 2L Sprite bottles.


Nos vemos,



[Title photo credit: staffan.scherz, Flickr.]

What are some of the funniest things you've noticed on your travels? Share in the comments below.


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