Give Me Back My Stuff Please!

Living out of a backpack, there's not much room for luxuries.

Living out of a backpack, there’s not much room for luxuries.

Okay Louise, I admit it, I’ve been getting a little bit nostalgic lately, missing a few home comforts, you know what I mean? Life on the road is hard: daily sightseeing, hostal swapping, story telling, long bus trips with a good book and incredible panoramic views (in Bolivia, you score the occasional on-board chicken too).

But one does begin to miss a few things. For example, my bed. My big, warm, comfortable bed that I got at Fantastic Furniture for $400. It’s mine. It has no holes, tears, stains or bedbugs and it’s not dirty. Well, that’s not strictly true but at least the dirt is mine. All mine.

What else? Oh the usual, walking to the bathroom where all of MY things are in MY cupboard. Guaranteed hot water. Fresh milk, natural yoghurt with my muesli and a sink to leave my dishes in. Throw in the coffee machine in the kitchen and my horrendous monkey slippers and you’ve got my weekday morning.

I feel privileged to be able to mention this one, but I miss my job too. Seriously. Twenty four smiling faces making me laugh day in, day out. There’s still no better job in the world. And I guess my colleagues were a laugh too – although I believe they’re getting on all right without me…

Apparently I have continued to be a fixture at staff functions, I can hardly blame them...

Apparently I have continued to be a fixture at staff functions, I can hardly blame them…

Cooking in your own kitchen is a big one, in fact even being able to find things like peanut butter at the local supermarket without being forced to auction a kidney is a bonus.

Ok I’m getting a bit corny now, but how about those friends. Not the ones that I made in the last day or two, the mates I’ll know forever. Even that annoying sprinty one – yes you know who you are.

Being a Melbourne boy I miss my sport, but considering Australia’s latest performances I think I’m better distanced from it all for the time being, so I shouldn’t complain.

What else? Wholemeal bread, Q&A, my bike, queuing (an unknown concept here), 3G Internet, domesticated pets and so much more.

The view each evening from our cargo boat was the icing on a stunning experience along Bolivia's Rio Mamorè.

The view each evening from our cargo boat was the icing on a stunning experience along Bolivia’s Rio Mamorè.

But then I realise a few things, like: How will I cope when I get home and I don’t see a different sunset at least every couple of days? And: Won’t it be boring not meeting new people every day? I find myself wondering what it will be like to be talking in public and have people around you actually understand you – and is that even a good thing? If I come back to Australia too soon I’ll miss the daily challenge of talking in Spanish, even worse, I might even forget the Spanish I’ve worked so hard to learn. There will be no more hilarious wise cracks when I sign in to hostels and write carefully either the words, ‘MILF’, or, ‘Astronaut’ under the heading that says, ‘Profession’. Pretty girls will find out when I’m bending the truth about my pilot’s licence. More quickly, anyway. No more visiting ‘that volcano‘ on a whim, just because I can. Nobody left to care about where I’ve been so far, and where I’m going.

Hmm, I guess it’s swings and roundabouts. Am I ready to come home yet?

Probably not.

Nos vemos!


What do you miss when you’re travelling away from home? Share your weaknesses in the comment space below.

10 responses to “Give Me Back My Stuff Please!

  1. Sounds like you’re having a fabulous time. I love how you mentioned the occasional chicken on board – something I remember from my travel days in Peru except that there was an occasional chicken on a public bus and also occasional chicken on your friend’s bed when staying with an Inca family 🙂 Enjoy!

  2. Mine didn’t have holes or anything on it, did it? 😛 Then again, one’s bed is irreplaceable, I guess…

  3. I used the helicopter pilot line and sign in as Dr R Mercer….
    I am the father of the son, hope you rang your little bros and passed on birthday wishes

  4. We do miss your antics at work Teddy, but our cardboard cutout reminds us of you. Sounds like even when you are travelling solo you are having a FANTASTIC time! Home comforts will be here later on… t’s the adjustment to them that has me worried. How will Ballarat cope having you back in town……ok I think….miss your smile Jan

    • I shouldn’t be home for too long, Jan, not with how my plans are evolving! Lots of thinking to do.

      Glad you are all keeping well back in Australia, and thanks for all of your kind comments!

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