El Calvo Rides South – South America on Two Wheels

Bryce Bissinger doesn't go unnoticed. The first time we met at Hostel Cienfuegos he had just parked his bike, an offroad Honda that bears all the markings of his journey so far, and taken off his helmet to introduce himself. Not many people can pull off the bald head and full beard combination, but Bryce certainly seemed to have it under control. Either way, I wasn't about to tell him otherwise.

We got chatting and I pressed him for every detail of his trip so far. He told me that he had been on the road since October 2012, 115 days to be precise, and was making his way around the giant continent at his own pace. Already having covered 13000 miles from his home in Seattle, USA, his Honda had been almost entirely reliable thus far, and had not just served as his transport but also been an opportunity to ride with like-minded locals and travellers during the course of his trip.

Look at Bryce's page, El Calvo Rides South (below) for more stunning photography.

The bike is covered in various graffiti from people who have shared Bryce's travels.

Bryce's story didn't begin with his travels. Prior to his arrival on the South American continent, he served two years on active duty as a Captain in the US Marines in Afghanistan. With over 100 soldiers under his watch, he was responsible for not only their lives but millions of dollars worth of equipment as well.

His trip has taken him through Central America, including Mexico, Guatemala and Panama. He is now heading east from Chile towards Argentina and shares his adventure via his awesome page, El Calvo Rides South. For anyone who is a motorbike enthusiast, a traveller or simply interested, the page contains some quality information and is packed with amazing photography and great stories.

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