Travel Magnifies Everything

It's the old cliche. What effect does travel really have on us?

The question really ought to be 'What effects', there being more than just one to be singled out, and 'me' or 'you', because everyone experiences something personal.

Overwhelmingly though, I've noticed one thing since I decided to break with routine and change my life with a year on the road. Everything I've done this last year, I've had cause to reflect on and analyse. Admittedly, writing this blog has been a huge part of that, but it goes a little bit deeper.

It's like travelling provides a gigantic imaginary magnifying glass.

You're more alert, more sensitive, aware of the people around you – the goodies and the baddies. Gratefulness is something felt – and acknowledged – on a daily basis, from a simple 'Thank god I actually got to eat what I thought I ordered', to, 'Wow, did that family really just invite me into their home out of pure kindness?'

For that second example, all you need to do is look here, here or here.

And that's just three examples out of the hundreds, perhaps thousands of incredible acts of kindness shown towards me.

What I'm hoping is that this heightened sense of gratitude translates back into everything I choose to do in the future. Perhaps the other side is clearer to me now too: hell yes I'll pick up the first hitchhiker I see in Australia, and why wouldn't I strike up a conversation with a couple of Metro-bound backpackers in Melbourne. Both things that I really wouldn't have considered before.

Basically, I've got a lot of karma to catch up on.

Nos vemos,



My amazing Argentinian family in Salta, May 2013.

[Featured photo credit: puuikibeach, Flickr.]

4 responses to “Travel Magnifies Everything

  1. Yes Teddy, after reading your blog and seeing your photos of people being friendly in many ways to a complete stranger, (although you are cute) I also think I would now strike up a conversation with someone looking lost or with a backpack, being more open to a challenge than previous. You seem to have met some wonderful people in your travels and all of them and the thiings you have done will be in your memories forever. Yes, you are right in saying ‘whatever I choose to do in the future’. You make the decisions and maybe with more clarity now.
    Continue enjoying your adventure and looking forward to the next episode!

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