Valdivia: Fresh Fish and Forts.

After being one of the last people to leave Pucón, I chose to veer south-west to the coastal town of Valdivia for one night en route further south. The town has a rich colonial history and still bears evidence of the fortifications built by the Spanish Colonial rule in the 17th and 18th Century. I met a couple of American guys at my hostal who were on a two-week trip through Chile for their Spring Break and we walked around the city together over a couple of days.

I was impressed with the friendly town and its islands surrounding the main coast. Some of the highlights included visiting the local fish market, sampling the local cuisine and taking a boat trip to the island of Corral to visit two remaining ruins of colonial forts. Sea lions also basked in the sun behind the fish market, fighting for scraps from the stall owners. The variety of fresh seafood is incredible, with every imaginable variety on offer at low market prices.

Forgetting it was a Friday, I didn’t book a ticket to head to Puerto Varas on the evening that I planned, meaning I spent another night in my hostal and actually departed early the next morning instead! Enjoy some of the photos below from this picturesque southern town.


  • Valdivia is totally worth a visit if you enjoy smaller towns with opportunities for day trips, like taking boats to the various islands.
  • There are a few good hostals, I stayed at Airesbuenos Hostal which was on the pricey side ($9500CHP, $19AUD) but included a nice breakfast. There are cheaper options available.
  • It is a bustling student town, so there is a high chance you could Couchsurf here quite easily. Take a look at my post to find out how.

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